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To Pay for Your T'ai Chi in Atlanta Classes and Workshops
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All T'ai Chi/Qi Gong group classes in Atlanta are taught by Cate Morrill or Harvey Meisner All private evaluations are by Cate Morrill. Students must contact the studio prior to attending classes. Click here to send us an email. Thank you!
In Portland, Oregon, all classes are taught by Kathy Sheahan.
Workshops are taught by the instructors listed in the class descriptions. All workshops require pre-registration. Please click here to send us an email, thank you.

To pay for an individual private or corporate workshop, please click here.

ATLANTA GEORGIA (For an amount other than stated here, please email the office for instructions)


Studio T'ai Chi/Qi Gong regular class

Fee: $60 per month

1 class/week


2 Classes Per Week (T'ai Chi only)
 Additional $30 per month

PRIVATE SESSIONS in T'ai Chi, Qi Gong and Personal Consultations:

T'ai Chi 
or Qi Gong
Private Class

Your private class should be scheduled with the Rising Phoenix Instructor prior to paying here.  This is a class in T'ai Chi 24 or specific Qi Gong.  For personal evaluation of specific issues, see below.

Recommended for:
  • Beginning to Advanced Students
  • One-on-one instruction of the T'ai Chi 24 Form
  • One-on-one instruction of any sets of Qi Gong
  • A private class is defined as a class requested by an individual for that individual or as a gift 
  • Private classes are held Rising Phoenix Studio in Inman Park, Atlanta
  • Special arrangements may be made for off-site private instruction

Request A Private Class


One Class (with Cate Morrill or Harvey Meisner)one hour $80.

3 Classes of the above $225.
(online special only, must be used within 3 months of purchase)

Private Consultations for:
Qi (Energy) Balancing,
Qi Massage 
Assistance with Physical Issues
Other Individual Assessments 
Recommended for individuals who:
  • Would like a personal plan of this type 
  • Have a desire to heal from specific illness or injury, or other limiting situation
  • Wish to create or boost internal energy 
  • Wish to remove tense energy from the body
  • Wish greater balance in mind, body and/or spirit
  • Need physical rehabilitation from an illness or injury or wish to learn management techniques for specific physical issues
  • Are ready for solutions that are complimentary to other treatments
  • Are dealing wth serious issues such as recovery from a stroke, or living with certain neurological disorders, Parkinsons Disease, multiple sclorosis, need healing regarding pre- or post- joint replacement surgery, or other issues
  • Personal evaluation is for anyone who wishes to look at their status quo and create a plan for greater health and wellness.
  • Qi Balancing is based on the Ancient Five Element Energy theory and seeks to adjust the energy in the internal organs and along the corresponding meridians to help create health,  harmony and support internally, and assist in the development of the essential life force.
  • Qi Massage uses the above techniques with gentle massage of the major muscle groups, with emphasis on the meridian paths.
  • Physical healing with T'ai chi and Qi Gong is based on the above principles as well as the physical aspect of each movement, and the motions, muscles, and physical processes involved. This is T'ai Chi used for physical issues such as balance improvement, strength development, stroke or injury recovery, joint replacement pre-strengthening or rehabilitation, arthritis management,and more.

These sessions are with Cate Morrill only, and must be scheduled  prior to payment.  Private session is considered booked when verbal or email communication has been received by both the student and instructor.

100% Refunds will be given for cancellations 24 hours in advance, or due to emergencies. 50% refunds will be provided for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.


Request A Private Session


Initial Consultation

  • Initial Consultation: $150.00

  • Appointment is One and a half hours. (1 1/2)


  • Your initial consultation includes discussion, evaluation and a treatment plan will be developed. This may include Qi Balancing, Qi Massage and/or specific T'ai Chi / Qi Gong movement assignments.

Follow Up Appointment

Follow Up Appointment: $90 and includes

  • One hour session
  • Continuing work on previously designed plan, re-evaluation, monitoring progress and adjusting path accordingly
  • May include Qi Balancing, Qi Massage or specific T'ai Chi Qi Gong excercise

Follow Up Appointment
(online only)
  • Follow up Appointments: 4 SESSIONS: $345.00
  • Session is One (1) hour.
  • Buy 4 Sessions and receive $15 discount.
  • All Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase.


Telephone Consultation
  • Telephone Consultation: $50.00
  • 30 minute session
  • Telephone consultations focus on a specific health issue or life concern, (stress factors, etc.) and options regarding T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, Energy Balancing, and more.
  • Client will call Cate Morrill at the number which will be provided as the appointment is set (click "Request a Telephone Consultation", below to send us an email with your request)
  • Set Time and Date of Telephone Consultation prior to payment.
  • Payment must be recieved 24 hours prior to Consultation but may be made up to one month in advance. 100% Refunds will be given for cancellations 24 hours in advance, or due to emergencies. 50% refunds will be provided for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Private Sessions Must Be Scheduled with the Instructor prior to payment.  Private Session is considered booked when verbal or email communication has been received by both the student and instructor.


Request A Telephone Consultation



Level Two
  • Where: Atlanta, GA
  • Date: TBD, check back for the next scheduled class.  
  • Time: TBD
  • This training will lead to Level 1 or 2 certification as proficiency is shown, and will enhance your own practice as well as that of your students.
  • Cost: ***This training session is only for those who have been invited to the program. This is not a public course.