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Just a few notes and words from our students appear below. Frequently we will feature a particular comment, other times a collection of comments, all from current students who wish to share their experineces with you. Intitials are used to offer privacy to our students. 

A few excerpts...

I couldn't walk fast or run anymore due to knee pain. I have gone back to running again and my knees are doing great!


This work has changed so many aspects of my life, physically, emotionally...


I can focus on the feeling of the movements and the energy when I am stressed at work, and I am then more productive and effective.


I have learned to relax when I want, get full of energy when I want, and share that great balance with my family.


My restless leg syndrome has stopped completely!

I was practicing in line at the bank, it helped with back strain.

I did T'ai Chi walk downhill on slippery driveway and did not slip.

I am feeling so much more flexible.

I have better balance and awareness of movement.

Most times I remember “shoulders down” to relieve stress.

My back feels better, balance is better, all around, I feel like a new me!

Usually I practice in the morning, and I can tell my legs are getting stronger.