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We provide a Training Program for those who wish to teach our "Movement Improvement T'ai Chi" Program to others.
We call it Teaching the Teacher, and we include detailed training in the philosophy and movements in the program, as well as providing classroom practice, teaching practice, detailed work in small groups, a 45 Minute Teachers Video, a one hour classroom work video and  a thorough Workbook with more than 75 pages of detailed explanations, references, teaching methods, promotional  suggestions, etc.  Students who qualify to take the course would include those with a health care background, T'ai Chi experience, Yoga, Physical Therapy, other medical personnel such as Doctors and Nurses, etc., but other dedicated individuals may also be accepted.
Attendance does not guarantee that a student will be endorsed.  Only those students who exhibit a thorough understanding of the material and the ability to teach it will be endorsed and given permission to teach the program.

Contact us if you would like to be on our list for the next seminar, or to find out how to bring us to your location to teach. 

Together, we can help others.

Seniors everywhere are hearing of the benefits of T'ai Chi.  We are happy to have worked with many seniors and have heard their true stories of the many benefits. The Movement Improvement Program is based on the work we have found the most effective.  We want to help others feel and be healthy.  It is a true joy to know that this work has done just that.

Following are examples of anecdotal evidence of improvement that student share in class. 



  • I did T'ai Chi walk downhill on slippery driveway and did not slip!
  • I am feeling so much more flexible, it feels great!
  • I have better balance and awareness of movement.
  • Most times I remember “shoulders down” to relieve stress.
  • My back feels better, balance is better, thank you!
  • Usually I practice in the morning, and I can tell legs are getting stronger!
  • I can just pop up right out of the chair, that's so nice!
  • I shampooed carpet using T'ai Chi stance, my back didn’t hurt!
  • I mopped floor and worked in garden, and had no pain in my legs or back, for the first time!
  • It feels like I am getting stronger all over.
  • I am able to do more than I could 15 years ago, and I have always been active and a runner!
  • I can put heavy pots and pans under the counter now.
  • The highlight of my week is this class, thank you.
  • I really feel like  I am getting a good workout, it's amazing, with the gentle and easy movements.
  • It is easier to walk my dog!
  • I taught T'ai Chi to dentist office staff who was watching me do it in waiting room--they loved it!
  • My knees are feeling so much better, not nearly as much pain.
  • My shoulder hurt this morning, I did the T'ai Chi work and all was well, thank you.
  • I can take baths in the tub now because I can get in and out.  I'm going to take two a day to make up for the years I missed!
  • My knees are stronger than ever, and helps with my other exercises, like walking and aerobics.
  • I’m going to do this for the rest of my life!

You, too, can experience the T'ai Chi Benefits!  Your desire to improve, dedication to practice and this program can help!