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Please see below or to the left for links to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about some of Cate's work, a USA Today article featuring our work and students, and for a link to a Web MD article on T'ai Chi and Arthritis on which Cate is the primary source.   Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact us for further information regarding our credentials or our other T'ai Chi instructors. 


The following information is updated on our new website, linked above. Please visit us there!

Cate Morrill, Director

Cate Morrill began her training in 1988, and has been teaching since 1995. As the director of Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi and the president of Shoulders Down, Inc., Cate spends her days teaching in her studio, around Atlanta, and across the country.  She is involved with teaching the PT Doctoral candidates at Emory University how to use T'ai Chi and Qi Gong in their physical therapy practice, and was filmed in 2009 for a CNN Healthminute on T'ai Chi. She has taught at Johns Hopkins University, Emory Universtiy, her work is taught at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, and she has traveled around the country to teach students, to teach teachers, and to speak on T'ai Chi benefits. She has been the instructor on three NIH T'ai Chi grants, and has taught populations such as the office employees at Coca Cola World Headquarters, the clients at Meadowbrook Head Injury Institute, the staff and clients of the Center for the Visually Impaired, the staff at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, senior citizens and, of course, strong, physically well and challenged "everyday" people--singers, songwriters, artists, teachers, moms, dads and their children.

  She is a Certified Wu Dang T'ai Chi/Qi Gong Instructor (Wu Dang is the mountain temple where T'ai Chi originated and whose training was made famous by the movie, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), and she has completed External Qi Healer training (energy balancing).  She has created audiotapes for the visually impaired and  videos on T'ai Chi, one for Seniors and those who need a gentle and simple exercise program, Movement Improvement T'ai Chi R, and one for Parkinson's Disease patients, sponsored by an international company, and has completed three series of television shows on AIBTV in Atlanta. She has appeared on WABC-TV in New York, and on more than 24 TV stations across the country live or by video, such as on a Public Television program discussing T'ai Chi’s benefits, as well as on “Healthwatch with Marc Pickard,” a program of Atlanta local television station WXIA.  Cate is the first named source on an article on Arthritis and T'ai Chi on WebMD, (link below) and was a guest speaker at the American Physical Therapy Association pre-conference seminar in 2005. Her work was featured in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (link below) and she has trained physical therapists, doctors, nurses, t'ai chi teachers, yoga teachers and others around the country to teach her "Movement Improvement--T'ai Chi for Balance and Mobility" program.   She speaks as requested to health care practitioners at seminars and workshops.

By practicing the internal martial arts of T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Ba Gua and T’ai Chi Sword and studying anatomy, physiology, nutrition and exercise science, Cate brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and information to her classes. She has published articles on T’ai Chi and Qi Gong, and is writing a book, tentatively titled, “Shoulders Down—the Basics of T'ai Chi to Help You Enhance Your Everyday Life, Every Day”. The enthusiasm Cate brings to her classes is sincere and contagious. She welcomes all ages, body types and levels of ability. She believes deeply in the individual's ability and responsibility to create health, inner peace and abounding joy! Through laughter, silence, demonstration and example, she shares her knowledge of body movement and energy work freely.

To read Cate's endorsement and bio from Master Chen's website, please click here.


To contact Cate directly, please click here, thank you!

To read a WebMD article on TAI CHI AND ARTHRITIS MANAGEMENT in which Cate is the lead source, click here! 
Click here to read an ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION article about our classes, A USA Today article regarding our work with Senior Citizens, and an AJC article on our work with PARKINSON'S DISEASE patients. 
Cate in Central Park, NYC
Cate in Central Park.jpg
April 2004

Cate Morrill   Partial Resume'
For the entire resume', please
contact Cate.


Academic  Degree   1981, BA, Cum Laude, Psychology/Business Management, Georgia State University
Supporting Certification   2017, Certification in Health Coaching, Emory University
T'ai Chi and Qi Gong Certifications   
2004, Wudang T'ai Chi and Qi Gong Teacher Certification
2004, External Qi Healing Second course Certification
2004, External Qi Healing First course Certification
2003, Teaching Certification Approval to teach work and authorization as Atlanta Representative of  Master Yun Xiang Tseng, Wudang Taoist Priest, T’ai Chi and Qi Gong Master,  Chi for Longevity, Inc.
2003,  Certificate of  Successful Teacher’s Course for Standardized 24 T’ai Chi 
2003,  Appointed as Co-Coordinator of Atlanta Wudang T’ai Chi Association by Master Yun Xiang Tseng
1995, Teaching Certification Yang T’ai Chi and Qi Gong Endorsed and Granted permission to teach Qi Gong and T’ai Chi  work presented by Master  W. L. Huang
1994,  Appointed Teacher and assistant under previously local instructors 

T’ai Chi and Qi Gong Experience Summary

Extensive experience in the practice of using T'ai Chi and Qi Gong movements and theory in standard class settings as well as settings which support personal rehabilitation, physical development, and create mental focus, designing sets of work and plans for individuals and groups of special populations  such as stroke survivors, Parkinson’s Disease patients, Multiple Sclerosis patients, cancer patients and caregivers, and those with visual impairments and more---Taught as instructor on three NIH grants using T'ai Chi---Speaker at National Aging in Place Conference----Guest speaker at 2005 National APTA pre-conference workshop on T'ai Chi and special populations---Provided talk on T'ai Chi and rehabilitation in 2008 for Emory First Year Medical Students Grand Rounds, and taught doctoral PT candidates full semesters in 2012, 2013---Taught at Johns Hopkins University, as a visiting instructor on T'ai Chi in classroom behavior management.---Worked with other hospitals with specific programs for special populations.    

Education / Training received

2002—2017  Master Yun Xiang Tseng:  T’ai Chi 24 Movements, Wudang T’ai Chi Original 13 Movements, Wudang T'ai Chi 52 Movements, Wudang Square Foot T’ai Chi, Yang Square Foot T'ai Chi, Qi Gong Eight Pieces of Brocade, Qi Gong 15 Arm Movement, Qi Gong 18 Movement I and II, Wudang Shen Dian Qi Gong, Wudang Yang Sheng Qi Gong, Wudang Wu Xing Qi Gong, Wudang Internal Meditation, Wudang Walking Crane Qi Gong, Five Animal Qi Gong,  Zhong He Gong and many other forms of Wudang and Taoist Qi Gong.

1995 –- 2003  Master Wei Lun Huang: Chi Kung, Incense Chi Kung, Ten Step Chi Kung, Yang 108 Move Long Form, Yang 24 Move Short Form, Pushing Hands, Ba Gua Ch’uan, Ba Gua Chi Kung, T’ai Chi Structure, T’ai Chi Applications, Rainy Day T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi Sword Form, T’ai Chi 13 Postures, and other Yang forms.

2001, 2002  
Master Chungliang Al Huang’s Senior teacher, Cielle Tewksbury: (One Seminar each year)Five Elements T’ai Chi and Chi Kung, Living Tao T’ai Chi
1998  Master Marilyn Cooper: Chi Kung, Kuang  Ping 64 Move Long Form, T’ai Chi Applications 

1996 Madame Simone Kuo:  Kuang Ping 64 Move Long Form and Chi Kung

1988-2003 Local Advanced teachers, variety of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong work

 Grant Funded Research Participation

Emory University /Atlanta VAMC / NIH T'ai Chi as Balance Intervention with Seniors and Dual Tasking VAMC, Atlanta, GA
2005, 2004 Two classes per week for study participants 

Emory University NIH Study on Chinese Exercise Modalities in Parkinson’s Disease Emory University, Atlanta, GA
2004, 2003 Two classes per week for study Participants
2003, 2002 Two classes per week for study Participants
Emory / VAMC / NIH Pilot Study on T’ai Chi and the Visually Impaired Center for the Visually Impaired,  Atlanta, GA
May 2002 --December 2002, Two classes per week for study participants  
National and Regional Conferences, (sample and partial list):

Piedmont Hospital Nurses Association
June 2017, 2016   Instructor: T'ai Chi and Qi Gong for Nurses
Southeastern Association of Renal Nutritionists
May 2016        Speaker and Presenter:  T'ai Chi for Health Care Practitioners and Dialysis Patients
National Association of Physical Therapists Southeastern Region
December 2014  Speaker and Presenter: T'ai Chi Applications in Physical Therapy
National Aging in Place Council,  National Conference        Atlanta, GA       
May 2011
       Speaker and Presenter:  T'ai Chi and Fall Prevention         

American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diabetes EXPO Atlanta
      Atlanta, GA      
March  2008
       Speaker, Presenter, Exercise leader:  Exercise for those with Diabetes       

American Physical Therapy Convention Pre-conference Seminar
       Boston, MA       
June 2005
       Presenter on T'ai Chi and Special Populations

 Parkinson’s Unity Walk, New York City Novartis Pharmaceuticals Booth T'ai Chi/ Exercise Presentations, Central Park, NYC
April 2005, 2004  Presentation on T'ai Chi and Parkinson’s Disease,  and demonstrations of the exercises in our video to those attending the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and Conference.      

International Conference on Mobility and the Visually Impaired
      Toronto, Canada      
July 2002
      By video, presentation on T’ai Chi and the Visually Impaired

 T’ai Chi and Qi Gong Productions 

Videos Developed / Produced / Presented 

Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease Patients,  
Movements based on T’ai Chi principles and movements, adapted to be of service specifically for the needs of those with Parkinson’s Disease, as part of an information kit sponsored and produced through Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and made available free to patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals.

Movement Improvement: T’ai Chi Basics for Balance and Mobility:
The Shoulders Down Method—basic principles and movements, T’ai Chi and Qi Gong, that have proven successful in developing desired results in those who practice. This set is specifically chosen to enhance strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and understanding in a gentle, easy way, with accommodations for seated work as well. This video is stand-alone as well as part of the Teacher Training Program for Movement Improvement Instructors, and was designed and produced through Shoulders Down, Inc.

Teaching the Teacher of Movement Improvement T’ai Chi®
This video is designed as a teaching aid and information support for teachers in our program. It covers TC principles of body alignment, structural movement and more. This is not available to the public. 

Teaching the Teacher of Movement Improvement T’ai Chi
® Level 2,  (2 video set)
2003, 2004
This video is designed as a teaching aid and information support for teachers who have advanced to our Level 2 program. It covers deeper details on TC principles of body alignment, structural movement and more, and includes new and advanced movements to support continued development in the student. This is not available to the public.

Audios  Developed / Produced / Presented
T’ai Chi and Qi Gong for the Visually Impaired
Audio series of Movement Improvement T'ai
Chi Selections, Standard T'ai Chi 24 selections, and Qi Gong modified sets for instruction and practice purposes.  

 Teaching Experience, Guest Lecturer, Guest Faculty 

 Emory University
2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007.  Guest Faculty   PHT 697r Creative Alternative Interventions for Treatment for PT Doctoral Candidates, T'ai Chi and Qi Gong Applications in Physical Therapy
 Emory University      
2010, 2009 Guest Lecturer   T'ai Chi Applications for Physical Therapy” for students in the Physical
  Therapy Program
2008  Guest Lecturer  "Tai Chi in rehabilitation:  A moving meditation for healing"       CRM CEU series for Clinical PT Staff
2008  Guest Lecturer  “Tai Chi and Its Role in Rehab Medicine” for First Year Medical Residents        
2007 Grand Rounds for staff and faculty, Department of Rehab Medicine, “T’ai Chi for Physical Rehabilitation”
2006, 2005 Guest Lecturer “T'ai Chi Principles and Practice to Compliment Physical Therapy”, Second year Doctor of Physical Therapy

Movement Improvement T'ai Chi ® Teacher’s Training Intensives Teacher’s Training  on Movement Improvement T'ai Chi® for professional health care workers, PT’s, OT’s, RN’s, MD’s, MSW’s, and more, with intent to certify participants as community  instructors.
2014, 2010, 2009,  2005, 2003  Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi  Atlanta, Ga.  
2009,  2008, 2007, 2006, 2005  Two trainings per year, National Safety Council, Omaha NE
2007   Two seminars,  Saint Francis Hospital  Grand Island NE       
2007, 2006,  2004  Good Samaritan Hospital Kearney, NE

 Johns Hopkins University        
2007 Guest Faculty  
810.650 Reducing Stress and Managing Behavior in the Classroom

Good Samaritan Hospital and Richard Young Hospital
2007 T’ai Chi for Mind Balance Teacher Training  
  T'ai Chi to Lift the Spirit and Engage the Energy” for Inpatient Services and the Community  Teacher Training,  RN’s, PT’s, MD’s, Ph.D.’s, and others associated with the hospitals.  Kearney, NE   

 Media Presentations, Interviews,   (partial list) 

WebMD Living with Lupus
Video, Interview, use of T'ai Chi by those living with Lupus  

WebMD  Interviewed and credited as lead source for article on T'ai Chi and Arthritis             

CNN Health Minute,
T’ai Chi for Stress Relief

Atlanta Journal Constitution “Tai chi helps runner get back on her feet”

USA Today   March 05, 2007 “Get With The T’ai Chi Program”, T’ai Chi and its benefits for Seniors.Featuring our work, program, teachers and students. Photographed in our studio. 

Omaha World Herald
  April 16, 2007 “T’ai Chi Helps Older Midlanders Ward off Falls”

Disc Golf World Sports Magazine
, Summer 2006 “ T’ai Chi for Disc Golfers” Article to assist the athletes with focus, stretching and strengthening, movement understanding.

Omaha, NE , Nightly News June 2005, Demonstration and information on T'ai Chi and Seniors

Media Tour, Miami, FL
June 2004, 24 City Television News Show “Media Tour” live and video interviews regarding the Novartis Stepkit and T'ai Chi and Parkinson’s Patients Exercise Video.

WABC TV, New York City Good Morning Show, NY 
April 2004, Live interview and demonstration of Parkinson’s exercises in conjunction with the annual Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

WXIA TV, Channel 11 News, Atlanta GA  
November 4, 2003 Marc Pickard Health Report on Alternative Treatments, Interview and video presentation regarding T'ai Chi and Parkinson’s patients.

GPTV Television Special on Alternative Medical Treatments
October 31 and November 2, 2003 GPTV interview and video presentation T’ai Chi and Parkinson’s Patients, with Emory University 

 Presentations (partial list)

The following presentations were in the metro Atlanta, GA, area unless otherwise indicated

Coca-Cola World Headquarters, New Products Division
T'ai Chi Exercises for team building, energy, and  creativity (specially designed set)

US Census Bureau
2010  T'ai Chi exercises to boost energy and stress management (specially designed set)
Sponsored by the Atlanta Regional Office

Emory University School of Medicine      
July 9, 2008 and July 12, 2008 " Positive Thinking, Healthy Choices, Medical Literacy, Laughter, Gratitude = Life, Longevity & Happiness ...The Real Scoop on Keeping Healthy and Demystifying Medicine" Seminar,  Invited Panelist,  presentation on T'ai Chi and Health of Mind, Body, and Spirit  with Neil Shulman, M. D. and Belinda Morrow Stinson-Head, Ph.D. 

Multiple Sclerosis Association,   Movement Improvement T'ai Ch ®
April 2007
Seminar for Patients and Caregivers 

 Northlake Medical Center,
November 2006, 2005 Presentation of T'ai Chi for Health

Georgia State University Healthy Grandparents Program
August 2006, Presentation of T'ai Chi as part of healthy lifestyle 

 The Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
2006, 2004, 2003, 2002  Week long Classes in T'ai Chi and Qi Gong 

Coca Cola World Headquarters,
August, 2006
T'ai Chi as meditation for calming and stress reduction
June, 2006
Asian culture program exhibition
September 2005,  Alumni Health Fair, Presentation on T'ai Chi for Senior Citizens

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church ,
March, 2005, “
Mind Body Spiritretreats
January, 2003
, Mind Body Spiritretreats

 Alternate ROOTS Board Retreat
November 2011,
Creativity Boost
June 2004
, Exercise and Team Building T'ai Chi/Qi Gong class for 22 Board Members
Meyer-Balser Healthy Living Center, Senior Health Seminar
May 2004,
Keynote Speaker on T'ai Chi and Seniors Health 
Douglasville Low Vision Services
March 2004,
Seminar for Visually Impaired Adults and family members
September 2003,
Seminar for Visually Impaired Adults and family members
May 15, 2003
Seminar for Visually Impaired Adults

Charis Circle Mind Body Spirit Conference, First Existentialist Congregation
November, 2003
Presentation and demonstration for conference visitors

 Lynbrook Square Retirement Community,

May 2003,
Talk and participatory demonstration on t’ai chi for the elderly and visually impaired on balance and mobility improvement

 Coca-Cola Multi-Cultural Celebration,

February 2003, demonstrations  and seminars at three locations February 2002, demonstrations and seminars 

Coca-Cola New Products Division,
May 2002,
  Three workshops
November 2001,
One workshop 

Coca-Cola Marketing Group, 
ovember 1999,
Qi Gong, Stress Reduction, Seated Workstation Applications

 Meadowbrook Head Injury Institute ,

July 1995, Qi Gong for Wheelchair Users and Head Injured Participants

Current Private Classes

1994--Present,   Various Locations, Various Individual Students T’ai Chi and Qi Gong, Qi healing, Qi Massage       
Current Weekly Group Classes All classes are Standard 24 Move Short Form and Qi Gong, unless otherwise noted      
These classes are taught by Cate Morrill, 22+ others are directed and managed by Cate and taught by
our staff.  A complete listing of those classes can be found on our website or by contacting us.

Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center, Piedmont West, Atlanta, GA
July 2012--Present, Three classes per week, two workshops per month 
Clairmont Oaks Retirement Community, Clairmont Drive, Decatur, GA
April 2004—Present, One class each week of Movement Improvement
Glenn United Methodist Group, North Decatur Drive, Atlanta, GA
May 2006—Present, One class per week 
Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi Studio Public Classes, Austin Avenue, Atlanta, GA
January 2004—Present, Six classes per week
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Cliff Valley Way, Atlanta, GA September 2011—Present, Once class per week

 Previous Weekly Group Classes: (The classes marked with ** are ongoing and currently taught by our staff)
 Coca-Cola World Headquarters, One Coca Cola Plaza, Atlanta, GA
July 2000--2016,  Three classes per week
April 1995--July 2000,  Two classes per week
January1995--April 1995, One class per week
Renaissance on Peachtree Senior Community Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA November 2004—2008, Two  classes  per week of Movement Improvement **
Austin Drive Senior Center, Austin Drive, Decatur, GA
January 2005—2008, One class per week of Movement Improvement **
Regency House Seniors Community, Winn Drive, Decatur, GA
September 2005—2009, One class per week of Movement Improvement
The Counseling Group, Sheridan Drive, Atlanta, GA
October 2004—2007, One class each week for staff
Center for the Visually Impaired, Atlanta, GA
February 2005—October 2005, One class each week for Diabetes Control
Grady High School, Atlanta, GA
January 2005—April 2005, One class per week for students
Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, Clarkston, GA
October—November 2004, eight week series for school children
First Existentialist Congregation ,Candler Park Drive, Atlanta, GA
January 2003—March 2004  Two classes per week
Epworth United Methodist Church ,McLendon Avenue, Atlanta, GA October 2001—January 2004, Two classes per week September 2000--December 2000, One class per week    
Center for the Visually Impaired,
  West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA
   October 2003—December 2003, One class per week for youth after school program
 June 2003—July 2003, Two classes per week for youth camp   
Druid Hills Preschool,  Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, GA
February 2002--May 2003, One class per week for teachers
Center for the Visually Impaired, West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA
November 2002--March 2003,  One class per week for staff
McLendon Elementary School, Hollywood Drive, Decatur, GA   November 2002--March 2003, Two classes per week for students
September 2002--November 2002, Two classes per week for teachers
YWCA , North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA
September 2002--December 2002, One class per week
Roosevelt House   Techwood Drive, Atlanta, GA
December 2001 --September 2002, Two Classes per week for residents
Veterans Administration  Medical Center, Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA
November 2001 --July 2002, One class per week for staff
Jaya Devi Yoga Studio Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA
November 1999--February 2002, One class per week
Laughing Dragon T’ai Chi Studio Atlanta, GA
January 1996--May 1998  One class per week
Center for Health Resources Allen Road, Sandy Springs, GAJune1995--December 1995, One class per week