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 We are delighted to have Harvey Meisner as our Assistant Director and Instructor at our studio as well as in classes throughout the community and across the country.    


Harvey Meisner


Harvey Meisner has received instructor certification for T'ai Chi and several Qi Gong forms and is student under Wu Dang Master Yun Xiang Tseng, director of Chi for Longevity. Harvey has studied T’ai Chi and Qi Gong since 1996  with local Atlanta teachers as well as with Master Wei Lun Huang, of Florida.  Since 2001, he has been a teacher of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong, teaching for Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi, where he is Assistant Director.  Working with seniors is one of Harvey's talents and joys.  He has taught since 2001 to those who attend Senior Centers, those in Retirement Communities, as well as those over 50 in community classes. He has appeared with Cate Morrill, Director, on televised programs and in web videos for CNN and more. He is a well trained, well respected and supportive teacher.  His many students credit his instruction for their new-found love of T'ai Chi and its benefits!


He also brings a keen understanding of internal process and meditation to his work, as well as deep understanding of translating powerful athleticism into the slow, controlled and fluid movements of T’ai Chi, as he has been an athlete all his life.  Playing high school football and pickup basketball, mountain biking and backpacking in the wilderness, he values Qi Gong for its stretching, strengthening, and loosening characteristics. He also has been an avid downhill skier for 30 years, crediting T’ai Chi and Qi Gong for the quick healing of a skiing knee injury. He is a very vocal proponent of T’ai Chi and Qi Gong as both healing and exercise arts. He is endorsed by Master Yun Xiang  to teach T'ai Chi 24 Movements and Qi Gong.


He has studied and practiced Transcendental Meditation for more than 30 years, traveled to 46 states and 20 countries, and appreciates learning of the diversities and yet similarities in the many cultures of the globe. 

Corporate offices, seniors and those with special needs have all benefited from Harvey’s caring, careful teachings. He is well liked by his students and respected by his peers, is patient, knowledgeable, and wishes to share the art of T'ai Chi with all. 


Partial Resume’

Please see our public class schedule and our Seniors Classes for Movement Improvement schedule for days and times.


A sample of Harvey's current classes in T'ai Chi 24 and Qi Gong and Movement Improvement T'ai Chi (R)

Northside United Methodist Church

Clairmont Presbyterian Church

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

Canterbury Court Retirement Community 

Renaissance Highrise 

Lynbrook Retirement Community

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Emory's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi Studio 

and more!


A sample of Harvey's previous NIH Granted Programs                 

Atlanta VA Hospital, T'ai Chi Study Assistant Teacher   

Emory University CAM, NIH Study -- Parkinson's Disease and T'ai Chi Assistant Teacher


Harvey welcomes students with skill and pleasure! 


To contact Harvey directly, please click here, thank you!


Harvey teaches weekly classes, special seminars, and is experienced teaching those with special needs.


Harvey has experience teaching those with Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Seniors, and others with special circumstances.  His gentle manner and easy teaching style provide a relaxing, enjoyable environment in which students feel comfortable.

Harvey has also taught classes at major corporations, as well as to the general public.