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T'ai Chi and Qi Gong are...



T’ai Chi and Qi Gong

T’ai Chi and Qi Gong are disciplines, meditations, forms of exercise.  Practiced for hundreds of years by those who wish to improve or maintain their health, T’ai Chi and Qi Gong are systems of movements performed in a peaceful, gently paced, specific manner.  The continued and dedicated practice of the

T’ai Chi and Qi Gong forms

benefits the body and mind by helping to

reduce stress and improve strength, flexibility, mental and physical balance, energy flow and general health. 

 Studies from universities and research institutions such as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Emory University, the National Institute on Aging and the Arthritis Foundation, have found that T’ai Chi lowers blood pressure, reduces the number and severity of falls in the elderly, reduces the pain and immobility of arthritis, benefits those with osteoporosis and increases

strength and energy for all ages and fitness levels.

Often called “moving meditation”, T’ai Chi movements require no special uniforms or equipment and can be

practiced almost anywhere.

T’ai Chi and Qi Gong classes are for every age and body type.  The gentle, flowing movements are taught at a pace all can follow.  There is no competition.  All special needs and circumstances are taken into consideration by the instructor. This is an exercise in which

the student proceeds at his or her own pace,

one step at a time.


Detailed descriptions of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong follow, and please see below for a hint of how T'ai Chi can make us feel...


We are honored to be certified by Wudang Taoist Priest and T’ai Chi Master Yun Xiang Tseng, and pleased to pass along his teachings.  Master Tseng is a much honored and talented teacher who was one of the youngest people ever to be named Master in China.  He trained from the age of six on Wudang Mountain, and is the only Wudang Master authorized to teach in the United States. His teachings are deeply authentic and of the truest essence of t’ai chi and qi gong.


These are classes in traditional qi gong and t’ai chi taught in a relaxed and casual manner.  All of the moves are taught in detail and at a pace all can follow.  Classes are kept to the enrollment that will allow comfortable space for each student as well as to allow for individual attention.  Sets of moves are taught so that the student will have a series of moves to perform at home for practice and to “keep” and use forever to improve health.


T’ai Chi classes include warm-up moves of qi gong, and a specific set of exercises known as a “form”.  There are many different forms, and each form benefits the body by using all the major muscles groups, increasing cardio-respiratory function, balance, strength and flexibility.  As t’ai chi is a martial art, the aspects of the martial applications are taught so that the energy paths may be demonstrated, but there is no person to person “fighting” contact or sparring.  Our classes emphasize the benefits to health and the mind and spirit.  By teaching focus, concentration and “emptying of thoughts”, t’ai chi helps relieve stress and create and openness for your energy to flow more easily and effectively.

The forms are practiced in a meditative manner once learned, and this provides us with a “moving meditation” that will reenergize and revitalize the body, mind and spirit.  As with qi gong, all moves can be performed high or low, and are taught at a pace all can follow. 

Generally, beginning t’ai chi classes involve the Standard 24 Form, which is the national form of China, but other short forms may also be taught, depending on the class structure.

T’ai chi is often referred to as the ultimate qi gong, the ultimate energy work.  One can study t’ai chi for months and receive a fundamental knowledge of the discipline and information that can be applied to one’s every day life, every day.  One can study t’ai chi for years, and develop a deep understanding of the energy process, deep relaxation techniques and specific forms for specific issues.  So it is ultimately the individual’s choice as to how much time to devote to study, but each student has the opportunity to take from class a basic knowledge and a set of moves to use forever.      Welcome to class!


Qi gong is energy work designed to help us return to the essence of our qi, or essential life force.  Classes include specific sets of movements designed to gently stretch and strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and create an awareness of breath and a calmness of mind and spirit.  All moves can be performed at your choice of intensity, high (light), or low (heavy), so each exercise is suitable for all fitness levels.  Your choice of intensity may vary from class to class, or you may want the light or heavy work every class.  All choices are expected and acceptable.  There is no competition.  These are moves to open the energy paths and benefit mind, body and spirit, and are performed in a meditative manner after they are learned.

Generally, beginning level qi gong moves are performed standing or sitting, and within about a 6 foot diameter circle of space (hold your arms straight out to your side to approximate 6 feet).  Some moves involve taking a step or two, but most are performed in one spot.

Beginning classes include a warm-up series and a specific set of exercises which are designed to improve health and longevity.  Adjustments to each move can be made to accommodate any individual’s needs.  Written reminders are provided, as they are with t’ai chi.


Stream 2

You are in T’ai Chi Class…

By Cate Morrill 2002


A white crane spreads its wings, a snake creeps down in the grass.  A golden rooster stands on one leg, a jade phoenix nods its head.

But you are not the observer, standing idly by, watching these beautiful movements in nature.

You are performing them, creating them, feeling their energy, your “inner-chi.”

You are taking in each breath with purpose, intention,

filling yourself with a lightness,

while opening your energy paths so the chi will flow freely.


You are finding relaxation in powerful movements,

and strength in yielding.

You are experiencing the invigorating balance of Yin and Yang, the fluidity of balanced motion, the peacefulness of a still mind, and the joy of

 newly discovered sensations.

 You are the instrument of this choreography,

and the benefactor as well.

You are also often laughing, shaking like a snake and

mimicking a monkey.

You are connected to the universe with the

Golden Thread .

You are in T’ai Chi class.

For all ages and body types...

For all conditions or special circumstances... 

T'ai Chi or Qi Gong will serve you well...

We are happy to discuss your particular desires...